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$2 Ten Minute Plays at First Friday

2 Dollar Ten Minutes,

First Friday

June 3rd Starting at 7:30pm!

Tickle Party by Erica Griffin

Directed by Amy Leigh

Featuring: Jonathan Giardino and Caleb Martin

When the Bell Tolls by Jacob Moore

Directed by Oliver Jones

Featuring: Kate Reilly and Stefanie Renae McCue

Whitie Tightie Holsters

Written & Directed by Oliver Jones

Featuring: Jimmy Carosone, Adam Neri, and Anna Allred

Radio Show by Kenny Wong

Directed by Diana Martinez

Featuring: Isaiah Paduah, Niko Dominguez, and Maya Joeckle

"Sketch Comedy"

Written & Directed by First Friends First

Featuring: Natalie Shipman, Tommy Todd, Brandy Little, Eric Angell & Philip Kotler Art Square Theatre

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