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Iphigenia 2k16 - The LAB @ Small Space Fest

June 20th at 11:45pm and June 23rd at 7:30pm The LAB's premier production! A contemporary telling of the classic Greek tale using mulitple spaces and rooms of Emergency Arts; Audience's choice; where and what to witness, partake and pursue. Iphigenia 2k16 What is your life worth?


The Emergency Arts Building, located in downtown Las Vegas. Host of Small Space Fest 2016.

Introduction to the Fest: The Weft in the Weave Collective is gathering together visual and performing artists from diverse creative backgrounds for one night of expansive works in unique, small spaces. These works and performances will be installed in the Emergency Arts Building, a creative collective, housed in a former medical complex in downtown Las Vegas. Using the event as a conduit, we seek to spark generative conversations and ongoing exchanges between local and visiting artists. We also seek to deepen the relationships between the artists and the local community.

We have 80 visual and performing artists that will make these possibilities a reality. Click here to see who they are.

Together, these artists will create an unforgettable collaborative experience that includes music, painting, photography, dance, opera, theatre, new media, in other words: an all-inclusive event that weaves together art forms, unifying them as a cohesive, explosive, provocative whole. The visual art will be on view from June 20th to July 21st. Theatre, dance, opera and music performances will take place periodically throughout the building on June 20th only. The audience will self-direct themselves around the building.

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