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$2 Ten Minute Plays at First Friday

Enjoy a 10 minute play for $2 as part of your First Friday fun downtown!

September 2nd, 2016 Starting at 7:30pm!

The Bill:

Pregnancy Tango

Written and directed by Sarah Spraker

Featuring: Stacia Zinkevich, Mary Foresta, Natascha Negro, Sarah Spraker, Jamie Carvelli Pikrone, Jasmine Abigail, Sara Taylor, Oliver Jones, Thomas Chrastka and Joel Wayman

21 Day Pain Plan

Written and directed by Ernie Curcio

Featuring: Tressa Bern

We Were Rebels By Naul Clara Directed by Benny Zequeda Featuring: Jose Anthony & Ashley Campbell

The Last Word

By Jacob Moore

Directed by T. J. Larsen Featuring: Mindy Gilkerson and Joseph BenShimon

Sure Thing

By David Ives

Directed by Kopy Kopatich

Featuring: Kopy Kopatich and Diana Martinez

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