EMAV Review: 'Broadway Bound' a leap forward @TITV ★★★☆☆


As last season drew to a close, Theatre in the Valley (TITV) was in dire financial straits, and there was talk that there may not be a 2016-17 season. Through the dedicated effort of some core volunteers, the company has managed to stay afloat. And that, my friends, should make everyone happy.

First impressions are important. There’s a whole new feel and look to the place. It’s as if they’ve upgraded everything from the greeting when you walk in the door of the lobby to the new professional-looking programs. They’ve even got a slick new website.

They’ve wisely launched the new season with a nice production of “Broadway Bound,” Neil Simon’s third entry of his memoir-ish trilogy. With a solid cast, and tightly directed by Jim Williams, the play fit nicely into the tiny venue; if you’ve ever been to TITV, that’s saying a lot.

The program doesn’t credit a set designer (nor other design aspects), but we got the needed two-story set, well dressed for the period. From antique-framed photos to posters of Betty Grable, beautiful touches of the era within the play graced every corner of the stage.

Chris Carapucci takes on the role of Eugene Jerome, the character who narrates the play by breaking t