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EMAV Review: “Wedding Singer” musical brings movie-worthy laughs to Super Summer

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

By Lisa Valentine

★★★★☆ - Delicious

Theatre Robbie Hart, aka “The Wedding Singer, is one of Adam Sandler’s most memorable --- and likely most quoted --- movie characters. For those wondering if the stage version of this late-90’s classic comedy stands on its own as a musical, the answer could be found in the reaction of the crowd at the show’s recent opening weekend at Super Summer Theatre.

All but two nights of the production’s 12-show run at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park have already sold out (a limited number of tickets will be available at the gate), and the sold-out crowd attending the June 11 show seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

The cast often interacts with the audience, encouraging their reactions as if they were actually attending the wedding receptions (and one bar mitzvah) that Robbie (played by Anthony Meyer) and his band (Sammy, played by Aaron Barry, and crowd-favorite George, played by Adam Dunson) are performing at. Kayla Hamblen (Julia) turns in a solid performance in the Drew Barrymore part, but Alison Leigh (Holly) is a scene-stealer in the part played by Christine Taylor in the movie version. Other scene-stealers: Adam Dunson as George and Gail K Romero, who plays Robbie’s grandmother. The two perform a memorable number together (hint: like the movie, there is also a rappin’ granny in this “Wedding Singer.”) The show also features a live band and fast-paced choreography, along with some songs from the movie that you’ll likely remember (“Somebody Kill Me”) and some that have been fleshed out for the musical version, trading “Love Stinks” for “Casualty of Love.”

I’d rate “The Wedding Singer” 4 out of 5 stars: This musical version brings all of the flavor, fun (and favorite lines) of the movie to life, with something to offer everyone.

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