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ARTE MUSEUM Las Vegas: A Symphony of Senses

Written and photography Isabel M. Castro

Nestled at the vibrant crossroads of Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard, ARTE MUSEUM 63 emerges as a captivating experiential destination designed by d'strict, acclaimed for creating the public media art WAVE at COEX in Korea. The installations at the ARTE MUSEUM are centered around the theme ETERNAL NATURE, reinterpreting various elements and spaces in nature as immersive media art.

The opening ceremony was recently held with a ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by city and county officials, art creators, and museum staff. ARTE MUSEUM Las Vegas joins its global influence of museum partners in multiple worldwide locations, including Las Vegas. Dubai, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Busan, Yeosu Korea, and Gangneung Korea. The exhibit will be available to Las Vegas visitors through Jan. 31, 2024.

Multimedia-curated experiences invite audiences of all ages to enter diverse media artworks that bridge the gap between nature and the digital realm. ARTE MUSEUM transcends the visual realm; visitors of all ages will enter multiple multisensory journeys through spaces inspired by the wonders of nature and magic, from perpetually blooming flowers through generative art to timeless breathtaking natural expressions in spatial designs.

ARTE MUSEUM Las Vegas’ soundscape was created by Music Director Young-Gyu Jang, a globally renowned composer with a stellar reputation for his award-winning scores of over 50 acclaimed films and television shows. In designated spaces, audiences are immersed in the sensory symphony at ARTE MUSEUM, where the essence of nature comes alive. Additionally, in a unique collaboration with Marianne Nawrocki Sabatier, perfumer and senior professor at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, each art space is complemented by selected natural scents. This creates harmonious blends of sublime fragrances guiding you into an enchanting experience.

One of the featured spaces is the Waterfall Infinite, a mesmerizing flow of water capturing the beauty of a visually dynamic cascade. In the Flower, the space surrounds you with the joy of life through a symphony of visually perpetual blooming flowers, where the sweet breeze carries the essence of the blooms around you. Another space is the Garden of Light and Sound, where one strolls through scenes inspired by nature, offering a serene respite amidst captivating light and sound. The Forest takes you into a sacred space filled with mystic spirits, surrounded by the enchantment of the forest. The Star Gallery is a vast installation of lights, transforming with brilliant colors and fanciful hues of the spectrum. The Jungle explores a fantasy tropical rainforest where jungle animals come to life with changing lights and environments.

The centerpiece of the installations in the museum is a massive gallery that pays tribute to phenomenal works of European master artists of the impressionist era, which is best experienced and not described. Next is the Interactive Exhibit, Live Sketchbook, which allows visitors to create their own drawings by adding an interactive layer to the already immersive experience. Adding another innovative touch to the visit is the ARTE TEABAR, which offers a delightful retreat for patrons to savor sweet, chilled teas, flavored coffees, and mocktails in an environment adorned with live digital art. Exiting the attraction, the museum shop is brimming with unique and affordable keepsakes to take home.

“Las Vegas has long awaited a unique immersive experience like the one we welcome to our city today. I believe I speak for Las Vegas when I express my excitement for the privilege to be the first North American location,” says Art Goldberg, Las Vegas Metro Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

The museum is open 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week, with the last admission at 10 p.m., and is located at the crossroads of Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. For more information, visit Convenient valet parking is available on Harmon Avenue and South City Center Road. Stay connected on Facebook @artemuseum.usa and Instagram @artemuseum_lasvegas.


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