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Commissioner Segerblom Dedicates Public Art Project at Hollywood Recreation Center

Empowerment Art is a public art project where a local artist is hired to engage with youth to design empowering art, which is installed in the bathroom facilities of a recreation center. This year, Empowerment Art was hosted by the Hollywood Recreation Center, located at 1650 South Hollywood near Sahara Avenue. The artwork was dedicated on October 17 by Commissioner Segerblom.

In 2019, the Parkdale Recreation Center engaged the Public Art Office to create empowerment art in the facility's bathrooms. Earlier this year, Hollywood reached out to the Public Arts Office and asked for the same project for their center. The art team CoZiLV worked with children ages 8 to 18 and provided four workshops. CoZiLV showed the youth how to express themselves positively through art in each workshop. The children put together 'zines of their artwork that they were able to trade with each other or share with their family and friends. After the workshops, CoZiLV used art as inspiration to create a design with empowering messages. The design was printed as a vinyl wrap and installed inside the bathrooms at the recreation center. The project's mission is to give the viewers, and our community, a positive experience with positive messages through art.

“Art presents an excellent way to cope with uncontrollable and stressful situations,” said Commissioner Segerblom. “The messages from this project can help youth in the community further understand that Clark County's Community Centers are safe spaces that promote positive self-expression. I am proud of the youth who participated in this project which provided such positive imagery that can remind us our thoughts and feelings are valid."

CoZiLV is an art team consisting of Gina Parham, Nicole Espinosa, and Jean Marie Munson. They “strive to cultivate accessible, safe spaces for marginalized communities and encourage the creation and consumption of self-published content through meet-ups, workshops, and the festival itself.” CoZiLV hosts a Comic and Zine Festival and invites artists to showcase their artwork to the public.

Clark County Public Arts Office's mission is to promote, encourage and connect the community with culture and public art around the valley. Those wanting more information about Clark County’s Public Arts Program can visit here. The Clark County Public Arts program can be found on Facebook and Instagram @CCPublicArts.


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