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Death is a Drag at Super Summer Theatre Studios

You are solemnly invited to attend the hysterical musical wake of “Sharon DeWealth”. (gone but not forgotten.) Come meet the zany family and friends as they try to say goodbye to “Sharon DeWealth”,

a true legend in his/her own mind, and still won’t go quietly. Feel the fabulousness for yourself.

Bert Anderson and Dolly Coulter (creators of Dime A Dozen Productions) are also SST alumnus. They were last seen at the ranch in “Oliver”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “The Wiz” and “Smokey Joes Cafe”. This (other) dynamic duo has also written and composed a children’s radio show, “Bixby’s Tales”, “Back Up The Legendary Musical” (a behind the scenes view from the back up singers and dancers to a Hollywood big star. Their current work “Art Versus Life” is a dramatic musical about Degenerate Artists (as Hitler called them) in 1930’s Bohemian Berlin. and how they created marvelous works of art in the midst of such chaos and oppression.

10/17/2019 - 11/3/2019

Thur-Sat 7pm Sunday 2pm

Super Summer Theatre Studios

4340 S Valley View, Suite 206, Las Vegas, NV


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