EMAV Review: 'My Two Cents' at Core Contemporary Gallery

By Pierson Brown

"My Two Cents" at Core Contemporary Gallery, 2020.

In turbulent political times, artists yearn to speak truth to power. “My Two Cents” is a small pop up showing within the Core Contemporary Gallery (New Orleans Square, ​900 E. Karen Avenue, Suite D222​) that “... seeks to engage viewers with deeper dialogue prompted by emotional or intellectual responses to visual art.” Curated by Justin Favela, Izaac Zevalking (Recycled Propaganda), and gallery owner Nancy Good, they worked with nearly 25 artists known for their “strong artistic voices.”

"Eat Your Vegetables": artist Annie Wildbear, and "Disobey": artist Plastic Jesus.

The show’s purpose: to explore free speech. The mediums ranged from performance and sculpture to more traditional works, all connected by the string of “free speech.” Many pieces spoke out against the bad orange in chief or espoused body positivity. There was a wishing well with a woman inside of it that when you threw coins in, she would throw them back at you.