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Post Quarantine Art Liquidation - Alpha Voyage Gallery

As the economy is starting to come back together, we realize the artists have been hit the hardest. We also understand that artists are creating more than ever. To help, we are putting together an event for July, designed to generate cash flow and reduce inventory. If you find yourself wanting a good piece that needs a good home, consider being part of our event.

The event will run from July 10, through July 31. Purchased pieces will be replaced immediately.

Every Friday during the event, the artwork will be refreshed to encourage multiple. Participating pieces will also be available for online purchase.

Participating pieces of the event will be 20% - 90% off. We will select individual pieces as featured posts.

Visit our site to view our scheduled Artists visits and presentations.

JUL 10

Fri, 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT