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The Dam Short Film Festival showcases gems with its connection to Boulder City.

By Josh Bell

For the second year in a row, the Dam Short Film Festival was held virtually, and for the second year in a row, the festival organizers made an effective effort to replicate the sense of community that’s one of the hallmarks of the Boulder City-based event. The festival live streams offered glimpses of the familiar DSFF surroundings at the Boulder Dam Hotel and even incorporated Boulder City’s annual Best Dam Wine Walk. The festival’s connection to Boulder City is one of the best things about DSFF, and it’s heartening to see that kept alive even when viewers have to stay home.

One thing that never changes is that DSFF programs a wide-ranging selection of great short films, and this year’s 18th edition featured a strong lineup of shorts, including several standout local productions. There were Nevada-based films in multiple blocks in addition to the Nevada-focused program, which was highlighted by films from longtime collaborators Alberto Triana and Hisonni Mustafa.