EMAV Fringe Feature Part 5: Final Fringe Course

Speeding Theatre - Over 55 entered a wonderful little piece about finding joy later in life with “Second Chance” by Elyse Nash. The script is well done and the messages are there, many of them under the surface of the words. It’s up to a director and cast to discover them and bring them forth in the physicality; the blocking, the body language, the expressions.

Melinda Baker as Rita, seeking her second chance at life as an actress, one year after the death of her husband, doesn’t express anything beyond clichéd surfaces. Her delivery is peppered with overstressed words which leaves all meaning behind. I will certainly give her props for proudly wearing a flesh-colored body suit with a fringe skirt. Baker clearly has the chutzpah to pull off the role, she just needs some careful guidance to do it.

Marian Michaels plays neighbor Evelyn, who does her best to discourage her best friend from going and making a fool of herself. Michaels does a credible job. Her movements, and the way she digs for a word or phrase brings a realistic tone to her performance.

Acting is reacting in the moment. It keeps it real for an audience. Michaels gets special props for stopping to pick up a pencil which rolled off a table. It dropped to the floor as Baker stood there, looked down at it, and then walked away. [** Still Hungry]

“Second Chance,” by Elyse Nass will have one more performance, Sat 6/18 @ 2:00p

What: Vegas Fringe Festival

When: Thursday - Sunday, June 10 - 19, times vary

Where: LVLT, Mainstage & Fischer Black Box, 3920 Schiff Drive,

Tickets: $12 single ticket, $130 Festival Pass (702) 362-7996; www.lvlt.org)

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