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Bucket of Blood @ Sci-Fi Center

This will be the Midnight Fomato Society's SIXTH production!! "Bucket of Blood" hits the stage at the Sci Fi Center this October!! This show, is based on the movie that came out one year before and shares an eeriely similar plot to Little Shop of Horrors. Walter, the Hapless waiter wanna be artist, accidentally kills a cat and creates a work of art out of it. The people love it, but what will he do next to top it? How will he get his love, Carla, to marry him? And how long until everything comes tumbling down? BUT THATS NOT ALL!! Fomato shows are different than any other show you have seen, in that we take this low art, give it the high art treatment, then arm the audience with FOAM TOMATOES!!! Imagine 1 part Rocky Horror, 1 part Mystery Science Theater 3000, and 1 part Zucker Brothers Comedy.... ice, mix, and serve! ...that is a Midnight Fomato Society show! Arrive early to win free Fomatoes!! Seating is limited. Tickets available at the door just prior to show.

Friday, October 7, 10:00pm-11:55pm

5077 Arville St, Las Vegas The Sci Fi Center

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