EMAV Review: Between two authors "Sex with Strangers" @ LVLT ★★★


I’m a writer. That’s my profession. A production of “Sex With Strangers,” by Laura Eason, now playing in the LVLT Fischer Black Box, is right up my alley. It focuses on the relationship between two authors: the give and take; the fear of rejection and adulation; the fear of success and failure.

In the most recent issue of Poets & Writers magazine, poet Rita Banerjee expounds on the emotions and interpretations experienced by an audience thus: “The four major forms of acting that draw out and convey an emotion from a work include: gesture, speech, setting and costuming, and a character’s internal psychology.”

It’s that last one which is so all-important to creating a full, three-dimensional character. This is how an actor telegraphs believability and sucks in the audience. If an actor doesn’t internalize the emotions of a character, the audience doesn’t get fully drawn in.

For this production the stage is configured into a semi-thrust, with audience on two adjoining sides and director Sarah O’C