Become an EMAV Valley Theatre Awards Taste Tester(Adjudicator) for 2017-18!

There is no theatre without the audience, and with your help as an adjudicator, the Public-Performer collaboration can continue to strengthen and grow.

Not only do The Vegas Valley Theatre Awards celebrate the community's collective artistic achievements, they are a fantastic tool to help drive audience attendance at the theatre, music and dance that are independently created here. The Valley Theatre Awards serve as recognizable indicator of quality productions which helps raise the bar of the work produced, and increase public awareness of our diverse and thriving Performing Arts community. With the addition of the Valley Awards to the platform, the reach of a "Valley Recommendation" is greatly expanded, and the impact of an adjudicator's vote is bigger than ever.

Eat More Art! Vegas exists to strengthen the partnership between local producers, and the communities they serve by offering everyone a seat at the table. You are cordially invited to join us! The Valley Awards are truly a community program. Our judging panel is made up of volunteers from across the region -- not just reviewers from the media! We’re looking for passionate theatergoers who know good shows when they see them, and would like to identify the best of what Las Vegas has to offer!

The opportunity to make an impact on the performing arts, and the cultural life of citizens across Southern NV, comes with important responsibilities. It has been said that "80% of success is showing up," but for the Valley Awards it is 100% critical. Commitment is key with our program -- your presence, professionalism, and supportive attitude are what make Eat More Art! Vegas, and The Valley Awards, work! The great news is, that is the hardest part -- the voting process is straight forward, and numeric.