EMAV Review: 'The Wolves' scores big with raw energy

★★★★☆ - Delicious

It’s an ensemble piece that begins with a cacophony of conversation. Just as in life, people talking over one another, having separate conversations though they’re part of the same gathering. This gathering happens to be of the female Wolves indoor soccer team. Thus the title, “The Wolves,” of this incredible script by Sarah Delappe, a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for drama. It won the Obie Ensemble Award, a Drama Desk Award, a…and, and, and. And recently closed a run at Lincoln Center.

Fear not, the entire play isn’t a jumble of sound. There are conversations as you’d expect from teenage girls as they try to make sense of the world at large, the affairs at home, in school and each other’s lives. This is a peek into how they interact, how they cope, with the kind of loving snark anticipated from such diverse personalities and backgrounds.

There are no character names, per se. Though the girls occasionally address a fellow player by name, those are tough to catch, so characters are listed by jersey number. It’s tough to review an ensemble piece, because the best you can do is cite the standouts who, in my mind, were #13 (Kate Reilly), #46 (Jasmine Kojouri), and #7 (Sarah Spraker). Oh, and #00 (Shambrion Treadwell), always in the moment, who remained silent until the final scene of the play.