EMAV Review: Fun, fun, fun at the LVLT Vegas Fringe Festival ★★★½

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

By Galina Vasileva

★★★½☆ - Satisfying

Fun, fun, fun! Festivity is in the atmosphere at the ninth annual Vegas Fringe Festival at Las Vegas Little Theatre, showcasing a great selection of eleven established and new plays under one roof. We had a chance to enjoy three shows the first weekend. The celebration of unpretentious and intriguing productions are a chance to watch, laugh and cry if you want to, and think.

SCOTLAND ROAD By Jeffrey Hatcher

Presented by Las Vegas Little Theatre

“Scotland Road” by Jeffrey Hatcher and presented by Las Vegas Little Theatre makes the audience "think" about secrets. If somebody asks you to “whisper” your secret in his ear, would you – think about it? But what secret would it be? Or, conversely, why do you want to know the secret of somebody else? Think about your answer and you might be surprised out what truth you expose about yourself.

The story is about a beautiful young woman dressed in nineteenth-century clothing, found on iceberg, floating in the middle of North Atlantic. When rescued, the only word she says is "Titanic." "The Woman" (Naree Asherian) is taken by John (Michael Blair) for observation. Obsessed with the story of the Titanic, he wants to prove her a fake and know her secret, and so he illegally interrogates her while under "hospital observation" against her will in an undisclosed room. John tortures and manipulates, faking it with the place and the people in it. "Dr. Halberch" (Teresa Fullerton) is one of John's tools.