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"Bono and the Edge Waiting for Godomino's" is delightfully absurd!

Richard Lucas, author of the play, "Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino's" is an actor, comedian and scriptwriter with an acerbic, smart, sincere style. Lucas' LinkedIn page describes among his talents a penchant for, " comedy, smart-ass comedy, political analysis, personal essay..." Indeed, his play is smart, funny and sincere.

Already dripping in "Best Of..." accolades from it's L.A. tour, and heading to Scotland's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this delightful romp played Las Vegas, Nevada at the Majestic Repertory Theatre for two nights last week.

"Bono..." is a clever send-off, mash-up, hungry-tongue-in-cheek, full-length one-act, rifting on Samuel Beckett's famous absurdist play, "Waiting for Godot."

Samuel Beckett was born in Ireland, educated at Trinity College was a Nobel Prize recipient and is still considered a "godfather" of Theatre of the Absurd.

U2 Irish band member, "Bono" is Paul David Hewson, decorated by the United Kingdom as, "Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire" a grade within the British order of chivalry.

Additionally, "Bono" is also decorated with The Portuguese Order of Liberty, Order of Freedom, for services to democracy and freedom.

Known for his distinctive eye wear, the U2 front-man launched his line of sunglasses to help raise funds for people with eye problems.

"The Edge" David Howell Evans is an Irish musician and songwriter best known as lead guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist of the rock band U2. A member of the group since its beginning.

As a member of U2, and as an individual, "Edge" has campaigned for human rights and philanthropic causes. He co-founded Music Rising, a charity to support musicians affected by disasters. He has 22 Grammy Awards and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Knowing these facts helps the audience enjoy sweet "bon mots" tossed out in Richard Lucas' redux of "...Godot." Pace, props, and occasional "triple-entendre" add layers of enjoyment especially when a general background of Samuel Beckett, U2, and Absurdism are known.

All four actors owned their characters. Richard Lucas did "Bono" mannerisms to hilarity. Curt Collier as "The Edge" was a great side-kick-belly-bump to Bono.

Bruno Oliver as "Domingo" was commanding in his vocal and facial ranges. Jeff Blumberg as "Lucky" brought a magical quality to his character with his "intensity from within" wide-eyed portrayal. It's really an accomplishment to continue to speak, without lines. The cast's balance and ease flowed and allowed the rich script to shine. Even the "walk-on" pizza-lady part was perfectly done!

The basic premise is that Bono and The Edge are waiting for a pizza delivery, so they can experience what it's like to be a "common man" free from the trappings and burdens of fame and riches. If you have seen "Waiting for Godot" you will catch the underlying connections that make this a worthy theatre experience.

Absurdly, I am still pondering the apostrophe in the title! Sigh...

Majestic Repertory Theatre will be presenting "Cabaret" next.

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