EMAV Film Review: 'Dealer' a strong calling card for local talents ★★★☆☆

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

★★★☆☆ - Satisfying

A sort of all-star jam of notable local filmmakers, the omnibus feature “Dealer” showcases contributions from five Las Vegas filmmakers and/or filmmaking teams: Lundon Boyd, Jeremy Cloe, Mike and Jerry Thompson, Ryan and Cody LeBoeuf, and Adam Zielinski. First premiered at the Las Vegas Film Festival in 2016, the movie is finally being released to the public this week on VOD from Amazon and in a limited theatrical run in LA. Although it’s been in limbo for a couple of years, “Dealer” remains a strong calling card for local talents, who display some of their greatest strengths in their individual segments.

Boyd writes, directs and stars in the movie’s wraparound segments, which establish his character Kelly as an aimless slacker, bored with his job as a casino card dealer and frustrated with a life that he feels is going nowhere. Kelly gets an unexpected jolt when he arrives home to discover his roommate Trevor (Chris Russell) covered in blood, and Trevor’s mysterious boss Mr. X (indie film staple Pat Healy) informs Kelly that he’ll be taking over Trevor’s drug-delivery route, whether he likes it or not.