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Ben Stevenson's Dracula to be performed by the Nevada Ballet Theatre

Gothic Grandness begins the Halloween season at The Smith Center for The Performing Arts on Oct. 6-9.

Audiences will be transfixed from the first bite by this haunting world of temptation and its otherworldly battle between good and evil. The Gothic grandness at the heart of Dracula stresses high-flying action. In this production, four dancers fly through the air in an otherworldly display of power and grace. Audiences roared with delight in 2018 when Dracula put Las Vegas under his spell, and Dracula has returned in 2022.

Click here to check out the trailer.

Audiences will be transported into a dark, foggy set; creepy classical music; over-the-top costumes; and Ben Stevenson’s choreography set to the music of Franz Liszt. The passionate love triangle at the center of this iconic tale is set to sweeping movement, ingenious stage effects, and dark, rich coloring to envelope all in its haunting world of evil temptation.

In this ballet version of Dracula, Ben distills the essence of the novel, retaining key characters and dramatic situations. Some of the elements of the novel were amended to tell the story in the language of ballet as well as more theatrically compelling. The ballet takes place entirely in Transylvania, with the first and third acts transpiring in Dracula’s castle and the second act in the village.

Ben Stevenson’s Dracula, presented by the Nevada Ballet Theatre, will be performed at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, 361 Symphony Park Ave, Oct. 6-9. For more info, visit Click here for tickets.


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