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Celebrate with Vegas Culture visionaries at the Valley Theatre Awards!

Arts leaders unite to celebrate Las Vegas Theatre.

There are passionate professionals who work 365 days a year to keep the heart of #VegasCulture beating strong! We are grateful to have them join us as Presenters at the 6th Annual Las Vegas Valley Theatre Awards. Great theatre takes the work of every discipline including #VegasMusic, #VegasDance, #VegasLiterary and #VegasArts.

Brian Paco Alvarez

Alexandra Arrieche

Debbie Hall

Kendall Hardin

Judy Harris

Lacey Huszcza

Melissa Kaiser

Sandy Kastel

Rob McCoy

Ashanti McGee

District Representative NV 3rd,

Sarah O'Connell

John Pacheco

James Sohre

Jacie Urquidi-Maynard

Norma Schwartz Zuckerman

Thank you to our honored guests representing the leadership of our cultural community

across the greater Las Vegas Valley. We are grateful for your service!


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