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Core Contemporary to present The Alchemy of Resistance

Core Contemporary is pleased to present The Alchemy of Resistance, a solo art exhibition featuring Core Arts Concord's current Artist-in-Residence, Michelle Graves, from January 13 through February 24.

The exhibition will be an immersive multi-disciplinary experience of sculpture, paintings, drawings and special interactive installations showcasing the unique body of work Graves created on-site in the nonprofit studio during a 5-week period beginning in early December.

Originally going into the Core Arts Concord Residency with the idea of doing research on aspects of resistance, Michelle Graves quickly realized what piqued her interest most was the moment of change that occurs when resistance is present. Graves wandered through a path of questions and experimentations on how to physically represent this change. What happens to a magnet when it is repelled or attracted? What is in that space between? If all particles have the properties of waves according to quantum mechanics (or are waves according to String Theory), then they are always vibrating, changing and always being affected by their surroundings. How can we as human beings phenomena made of these same wavelengths be more in tune, harmonize and alchemize our own resistance?

Visitors to the exhibition will experience Graves’ interdisciplinary, existential and often text-based art practice, involving intersections of art, science and consciousness. “Having the opportunity to observe another artist at work in the residency provides validation to the belief that art is a language, much like the spoken or written word, music, and dance. Michelle's language is driven by a desire to interpret conceptual ideas into more solid or tangible forms. I've long been a fan of her work and spending time with her in the studio has afforded me a deeper insight into her highly intelligent conceptual reasoning. The exhibition is the physical evidence of her unique thought process,” says gallery owner/curator Nancy Good.

Graves was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, and received her BFA in Photography from Indiana University and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago. She thrived in Chicago for 16 years then began a new life exploring Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2021. She is an Adobe Certified Expert and is the current Adobe Instructor and Digital Adviser for Denver Ad School.

The exhibition runs January 13 through February 24, with an opening reception and visit with the artist on Friday, January 13, from 6 to 9 p.m. There will also be a closing reception and artist's talk on Friday, February 24, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Located in the historic Sahara Commercial Center/New Orleans Square, 900 Karen Ave., Core Contemporary provides an engaging and accessible setting in which to experience remarkable original art, meet working artists, watch live painting, enjoy immersive educational forums, listen to live music and host private events.

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