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E-Waste Sculpture by Luis Valera-Rico to be unveiled at AREA15 on Oct. 14

The event will be held in honor of International E-Waste Day from Goodwill® Of Southern Nevada and Meow Wolf Las Vegas.

Goodwill of Southern Nevada and Meow Wolf Las Vegas have partnered to host an electronics donation drive and unveil a one-of-a-kind desert tortoise e-waste sculpture crafted by local artist Luis Valera-Rico at AREA15 on Oct. 14.

In celebration of International E-Waste Day, Goodwill and Meow Wolf Las Vegas are proud to be part of the solution by raising awareness on donating electronics responsibly and sustainably. Attendees of the event are asked to bring their e-waste to donate while also encouraged to enjoy the unveiling of “Pikai,” a sculpture made from donated electronics. Attendees who donate their e-waste at the event will also receive a $5 coupon to shop at local

Goodwill accepts electronic donations and all other donations at 17 retail stores and 6 attended donation centers throughout the valley. To find a Goodwill location, visit

Luis Varela-Rico is the diverse product of many influences. While his Mexican heritage deeply grounds his cultural and familial heritage, his professional education and career experience are uniquely positioned in the technological scape of Las Vegas. As an artist, his extensive knowledge of machinery and their applications have formulated an artistic approach which integrates CNC, welding and CAD design formats to create a number of recognized public art projects and private commission pieces of sculpture. Visit to learn about the artist.

International E-Waste Day will be celebrated by Goodwill® Of Southern Nevada and Meow Wolf Las Vegas by hosting Electronics Donation Drive. The artist’s unveiling will be at 11:45 a.m. and continue until 6 p.m. at AREA15 located at 3215 S. Rancho Dr. on Thursday, October 14. Visit and for more info.


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