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Eclectic Womxn celebrates Art is Life

Written and photos by Leah Young

Savidan Art Gallery embodies that “art is life,” and an exceptional show gives art life through the end of April. The exhibit Eclectic Womxn opened on March 4 and will be on display until April 28.

I enjoyed touring the exhibit guided by Gallery Director Louise Rogers. The work of the 24 artists featured in the exhibition includes oils, acrylics, watercolors, sculpture, photography, drawings, and mixed media.

There are so many talented women whose art is displayed. This includes:

  • Sharon Gainsburg;

  • Intense watercolor on paper Let Them Eat Cake by Lolita Develay;

  • A collaborative painting entitled The Goddess Within by Bex Nichols, Kim Johnson, and Regina Vinicky;

  • Watercolor and ink sketches Chicago I-V by Rachel O’Neill;

  • A gorgeous acrylic and resin tryptych called Against All Odds from Laura Canlas’ Obsidian Collection;

  • A self-portrait in acrylic by artist Maricela Lopez, just to name a few of the outstanding pieces in the show.

The entire gallery is a tribute to one woman, Suzanne L’Hostis, with a profound love of the arts who cultivated a collection of original art posters that spanned decades of art and culture in Paris.

The Savidan Art Gallery opened its Las Vegas location within the Faciliteq Showroom in October 2018. Located off the Vegas Strip, the gallery is surrounded by the best of what Las Vegas has to offer. Fine dining, entertainment, and extravagant casino interiors encompass this unique place of art. Patrons of the arts and tourists are invited to experience scheduled exhibitions and networking events and view the ever-changing display of the gallery’s 600-piece poster art collection.

I encourage you to experience Eclectic Womxn through April 28 at the Savidan Art Gallery, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, or by appointment. The gallery is in the downtown Arts District at 1310 S. 3rd St. Visit this elegant home to enjoy fabulous art. Visit and follow on Facebook @ SavidanGallery and Instagram @ savidangallery.


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