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God Lives In Glass Returns The Smith Center Aug. 13

Many of Las Vegas’s finest entertainers will join hearts and voices at The Smith Center for an encore performance of the hit original musical theatre concert “God Lives In Glass” at Reynolds Hall on Sunday, Aug. 13, at 3 p.m. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the nonprofit The Composers Showcase of Las Vegas. “God Lives in Glass” is an exciting, fun-for-all-ages multicultural and multigenerational community concert event featuring some of Vegas’ favorite musical performers from Broadway and the Las Vegas entertainment community along with exciting new young performers, creating a cast that includes 60 singers, 20 dancers and a 26-piece orchestra led by renowned pianist Philip Fortenberry (The Cocktail Cabaret, Behind the Candelabra).

Las Vegas singers in the cast will include Janien Valentine, Joey DeBenedetto, Niki Scalera, Tony Arias, Katie Kern, Bruce Ewing, Armi Guzman, Steph Payne, Rebecca Spencer, Kristen Hertzenberg, Jimmy Lockett, Christine Hudman Pardy, Paul Bradly, Sam Holder, and many more, as well as young artists Molly Martin, Eliza Belk, Olivia Dease, Chandler Shulman, Harper Misegades and Griffin Misegades. The popular concert will showcase a funny, powerful, and emotionally uplifting original score written by Keith Thompson (Jersey Boys, The Composers Showcase), with musical styles ranging from pop to gospel, classical to blues, and reggae to R&B. “It’s my honor and pleasure to share an encore presentation of this remarkable musical that is meant to bring us together as a community, especially now when it seems like we need it more than ever,” says Thompson. “This musical never attempts to instruct or promote any ideology or doctrine. It is meant merely to entertain while it holds up the 'glass' as a mirror that allows us to glimpse a reflection of ourselves and also as a window that lets us view the world with wonder, humor, and imagination, as seen through the eyes of a child.” Inspired by Dr. Landy’s engaging book “God Lives in Glass: Reflections of God Through the Eyes of Children,” the concert features all-original songs based on drawings and stories of children from all over the world from many different cultures, races, religions, and nationalities. Tickets start at $29 and can be purchased online at


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