Las Vegas artist, Diane Bush to show at MEM Festival at Bilbao, Spain

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

'Make A Merkin Great Again': Artist Diane Bush

Diane Bush served for many years as a supervisor for Clark County Parks and Recreation, but like most of the Las Vegas cultural scene, her life and work connects our community to a world beyond our borders.

At 18, Bush emigrated to England because of the Vietnam War. After 10 years of perfecting her black and white documentary street photography, she returned to Buffalo. Bush earned an M.F.A. from S.U.N.Y. Afterwards she worked as a photographer at local TV affiliates while pursuing her art.

Bush worked as Photography Department Coordinator at Villa Maria College for 6 years. While her students won prizes, Bush won awards from Kodak, Polaroid, Nikon, etc. Bush has exhibited / published locally, nationally, and internationally.

Diane Bush, Visual Artist.

Once in Las Vegas, Bush received 18 grants and a fellowship awards from the Nevada Arts Council. Bush’s 2006 monograph, WARHEADS satirizes news censorship of the Iraqi War. Her latest work, a spin-off called “ImBLEACHments” has morphed into performance work, using video, fiber art and photography. Currently, her USA ARTIST PROJECT, “The Big Cover Up” is seeking funds to distribute warm art blankets to the Occupiers across the country. Diane Bush is a member of the Las Vegas Artists Guild.

Bush shared with Eat More Art Vegas about her recent project, "Make A Merkin Great Again," travels to be a p