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Las Vegas father publishes children’s sci-fi book The Crytivat –The Search for the Lost Keys

Long-time IT engineer publishes a 94-page sci-fi adventure story after he dives into a creative idea that tapped him in the springtime. For more than 20 years, Vamsi Alturi made all of the right, responsible adult decisions. He excelled in his career as an IT engineer and was a proud husband and father. Then earlier this year, an idea for a children’s sci-fi story came to him. He’d felt the storytelling bug in the past but always brushed it off. This time he didn’t, and the move paid off. In November, the Las Vegas father published his first children’s science fiction book, The Crytivat – The Search for the Lost Keys, which is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. “I’ve always been creative; I just never took action on it,” Alturi said. “To me, this story is really about telling people to follow the voices speaking to them when they’re not listening. I want everyone to take action and listen to that voice.”

Atluri wrote the action-packed children’s science fiction book The Crytivat – The Search For The Lost Keys. The book follows the adventures of a boy named Scott who goes from being bullied in school to teleporting around different planets, morphing into different aliens in a search for the lost keys, making friends and finding out he must save the universe from evil aliens.

Scott finds his life changed after he trips on a metal beam at a construction site. He falls head-first into a pit, where he finds a mysterious magical box. Inside is a hexagon-shaped object that portals him to other planets while transforming him into the native species for each planet when he arrives there. He then sets out on a quest to find missing pieces of the object in order to save the universe from aliens. After the idea first came to Alturi, it quickly started to take shape. But the author’s journey also had some trying moments where the narrative hit some roadblocks. He credits his son for inspiration and for helping him to stick with the process. “My eight-year-old son’s joyous spirit fueled me. Sometimes I would go for weeks without knowing the character’s next move, but this experience very much rekindled a dormant creative spark, and I couldn’t stop. I felt it was my time. I needed to put this down on paper,” Alturi added. While promoting his first book, the new author is working on his next children’s sci-fi story. Going forward, he also hopes to create a metaverse for the Crytivat ebook so that readers can interact online with characters in the book. The Crytivat – The Search for the Lost Keys can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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