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Nancy Good of Core Contemporary looks toward 2024

Updated: Jan 4

“Because this series also relates to the universal search for meaning, I have found a way to hide things in the paintings that can only be seen when the viewer changes position. This physical change of position to see elements that may be in plain sight but also unseen until viewed in a new light,” Nancy Good, gallerist, curator, and musician

Written and Photography By Isabel M. Castro

Since its inception in 2018, Core Contemporary and its nonprofit counterpart, Core Arts Concord, have stood as beacons of artistic expression and cultural enrichment in the heart of the Commercial Center within the Las Vegas community. On December 29, the closing reception and talk by the acclaimed artist Nancy Good at Core Contemporary featured "Meaning: The Search For," a solo exhibition by the innovative Las Vegas artist known for her prowess in painting, sculptural canvas, and murals. The exhibition showcased Good's contemporary work, unveiling unique techniques that invited interactive engagement with various 2-dimensional surfaces and impressive, colorful, innovative installations created from 2018 to 2023, utilizing media materials such as acrylic, airbrush, ink, pastels, and UV pigment on canvas.

Good draws inspiration from multiple sources, including her gallerist, curator, and musician roles. Embedded in her work is a captivating "treasure hunt" for viewers, incorporating symbolism and hidden messages in mural-size works and smaller intimate pieces—referred to as tiny seeds of color guiding the eyes to explore. Following a successful showing in Reno over the summer, this exhibition marked her first solo display in the city in nearly three years. Good’s diverse portfolio ranges from abstract typographical artworks to innovative installations, illustrating the breadth of her creative practice, visual stories, and personal narratives. Infused with personal style, visual skill, and a passion that guides her art, some works explore themes such as grief and emotional trauma, transforming visual creativity into a journey toward healing and recovery.

As an award-winning artist, Good's work has graced prestigious venues like Las Vegas City Hall, UNLV's Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, and the San Diego Museum of Art. Her pieces adorn public and private collections nationwide and abroad, including acquisitions by the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Fine Art and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, among others. With four Congressional Commendations and a recent induction into the National Association of Women Artists, Good's artistic impact extends far and wide.

A Shared Vision

Founded by Good, Core Contemporary serves as a binary artistic space. This is a fine arts gallery space, studio, and small shop featuring artworks, along with a second space serving as an invaluable artist-in-residence opportunity for emerging talents and under-represented artists. Core Contemporary has played a pivotal role in fostering creativity and encouraging diverse voices within the community. The exhibitions spotlight artists from underrepresented communities, fostering inclusivity and challenging traditional norms within the art world. Taking a bold stance on social issues, Core Contemporary organizes shows addressing topics such as gun violence and free speech. These thought-provoking exhibitions aim to stimulate dialogue and provoke critical thinking, emphasizing the transformative power of art as a means of social commentary.

What sets Core Contemporary apart is its dedication to out-of-the-box group exhibitions pushing conventional artistic expression's boundaries. These often experimental and avant-garde exhibitions provide a platform for artists to explore unconventional ideas and challenge artistic norms, contributing to the community's cultural vibrancy. Beyond visual arts, Core Contemporary embraces the multidisciplinary nature of creativity by hosting experimental performance art and musical performances, open mics, movie screenings, book readings, poetry events, and various art workshops. This diverse array of events enriches the cultural tapestry of the community and provides artists with a dynamic platform to showcase their talents.

Commitment in Mission

Throughout these years, founder Good has shouldered most of the organization's overhead through her personal art sales. This is a testament to her unwavering commitment to maintaining a space where artists can take creative risks without succumbing to commercial pressures. Now, more than ever, Core Contemporary needs the support of the community it has tirelessly enriched by providing a sanctuary for creative expression. The public can help preserve Core Contemporary and uphold its mission of cultivating a community where art knows no bounds.

Core Contemporary Gallery of Fine Arts is located at 900 E. Liberace Ave. in the Historic Commercial Center. 

Gallery hours: 

Tuesday to Friday, noon to 4 p.m.; all other days by appointment only 

For more info, visit|, call 702-805-1166, and follow on Facebook @corecontemporary and Instagram @corecontemporary.

Tax-deductible donations are accepted through Zelle: or Venmo: @corecontemporary. 


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