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SOOV Exhibition by Artivist Fawn Douglas to debut on April 22

The inaugural exhibition showcases the grand opening of Nuwu Art Gallery + Community Center

The SOOV Exhibition by Artivist and MFA candidate Fawn Douglas is the inaugural exhibition for the grand opening of Nuwu Art Gallery + Community Center on April 22 with the exhibit on display through May 7.

The Nuwu Art Gallery + Community Center is a POC-owned space in Southern Nevada that works to uplift our communities through strengthening cultural knowledge and identity through the arts, activism, and education. Nuwu Art advocates for the equity of our communities through an ongoing process of decolonization,

Fawn will be presenting her thesis exhibition and culminating show SOOV for the Master of Fine Arts Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). SOOV will also make history as the inaugural exhibition that opens the doors of the Nuwu Art Gallery + Community Center for the first time to the public.

“The word soov translates to “willow” or “sumac” in the Southern Paiute language. It is a word that represents me: strength, creativity, and a builder of things that will last. My art is a woven testament to my history, my present, and what I wish to sustain into the future. My work is a reflection of not only myself, but of my people, my community, and a dream placed into motion that will surpass me, generations into the future,” says Fawn.