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Thomas Putzier selected as The Neon Museum’s 2022 Artist in Residence

The Neon Museum is proud to announce that acclaimed interdisciplinary artist, Thomas Putzier, has been selected as its seventh Artist in Residence (AIR7).

Describing his inspiration for the residency project, Putzier stated that he will focus on the role neon signage has played in serving as visual representations of expression, personality, and leisure. “I plan to explore the way this design iconography has impacted the field of architecture. In my solo show, I will highlight sci-fi futuristic space-age forms and geometry, from the design history of Las Vegas, by collaging their elements into completely new works of art.”

Putzier is also well-known for his public engagement projects that are designed to inspire fun, informative, and transformational experiences. He plans to further develop an earlier piece titled “Temple of Agency,” which has incorporated a game show format, penguin performers, and artist-led conversations with a new neon-signage-inspired twist.

In selecting Putzier, 2022 guest AIR juror, associate curator, and outreach director for the Nevada Museum of Art, Carmen Beals described his work as “engaging, futuristic, bold, and engaging.” She stated, “his prior geometric sculptures are fun, brightly colored, and flamboyant, which match the expectations of this great city.”

“The Neon Museum is excited to welcome Tom this year. We’re inspired by his fascination with not only the nature of neon signage but also the buildings and architecture associated with those signs. It provides a fascinating jumping-off point to create original works that reflect Las Vegas," says Aaron Berger, executive director of The Neon Museum.