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To NFT or not to NFT? That is the question, and more, for Arts and Tech in our Creative Economy

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Join Eat More Art Vegas at Art Square for a panel at Tech Alley, 3/18/23.

Join Eat More Art LLC and cNFTcon for a blockchain conversation.

"Culture War Rubble or Creative Renaissance?" Was our headline for the recent recap of the City of Las Vegas' Arts and Culture Summit last month. The Creative Economy will reign supreme in our time at the dawn of the third millennium, but to what end? Will it be an era of advancement fueled by human inspiration in concert with technological discovery, or a rush toward a dark age with ill-informed exploitation of creative enterprise in competition with AI fads and Big Tech?

Creative workers need to learn as quickly as they can about blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and AI not only to survive financially, but to advance and improve our condition as a society. I have studied and taught enough about Shakespeare's age to know that a renaissance does not come until the Artists of the world grab hold of innovation and make it work for them. I grew up in Silicon Valley in it's early years and I have learned hard lessons about what a double-edged sword the tech industry is to our creative ecosystem. Arts workers who learn early survive and create opportunity. Eat More Art Vegas is on a mission to make that easier for local artists to do just that.

Learning about tech is easier in person where you can ask questions face to face. Here are two opportunities:

Join Eat More Art LLC, cNFTcon, and the UNLV SBDC at Tech Alley, Saturday, 11 AM at Art Square Theatre for an open panel discussion and free networking opportunity. Come earlier for coffee, or stay after for Coastal Mediterranean hors d'oeuvre and networking.

Attend cNFTcon this September 29th through October 1st, 2023. Attendees will learn a number of topics in the space including the basics of blockchain, artificial intelligence, NFTs, DAOs, staking, digital ID, security, Metaverse, and how all of these will change or impact business, government, education, economy and entertainment. Partners include the UNLV Office of Economic Development, zenGate Global, Clay Nation, Forgotten, IAMX, and Beyond Rockets.


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