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'Vegas Unveiled': A new TV show for Vegas Culture amid COVID closures

Vegas the Network greenlights new show on Youtoo

The COVID closures have sent a shock wave through Las Vegas leaving local businesses and nonprofits both Downtown and beyond challenged to reach the public.

Robin Barcus Slonina and Ross Gibson of Skin City Body Painting and Time Machine LV, in partnership with Kenneth Johnson of Vegas the Network is creating a solution with a new TV show, "Vegas Unveiled."

"While brainstorming how to do SOMETHING to help during these crazy times, I have put my thinkin' cap on with my partner Ross Gibson as well as Kenneth Johnson of Vegas the Network. Miraculously, we have gotten the green light to QUICKLY put together a TV show on Youtoo to show the rest of the country what Vegas artists and performers are doing to stay productive during this forced hiatus - and to highlight local creative businesses that are shuttered. Vegas Unveiled!

Our hope is that we can promote the creative people, spaces, businesses, and non-profits we love by potentially putting them in front of millions of eyeballs so that when the tourists come back to Vegas they might consider adding our creative off-strip options on their itineraries." - Robin Barcus Slonina

Artist and Skin City Body Painting owner, Robin Barcus Slonina to host 'Vegas Unveiled".

Are you a local artist or culture-sector business owner? Get involved!


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