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WATCH: The Asylum's world premiere, 'The Therapist', now playing in London

'La Terapeuta' by Gabriela Yepes; translated by Gigi Guizado as 'The Therapist'

Gigi Guizado as The Therapist; shot by Mikaela Brown-Cestrero and Shahab Zargari.

The Asylum Theatre's The Therapist premiered on 24 June 2023 at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center Theatre before its London debut on July 4th, 2023 at Barons Court Theatre. The play performs through 8 July in advance of the Out of the Wings festival at Omnibus theatre held 10 - 15 July, 2023.

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The Therapist


The international project was made possible through partnerships between The Asylum, Out of the Wings collective, and World of English Speaking Theatres (WEST) association featured in a recent "Backstage in Vegas" segment on Las Vegas Morning blend. For more info about The Asylum Theatre's Therapist project, visit here.


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