EMAV Review: Nicely Done Daisy ★★★★☆

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

★★★★☆ - Delicious

While working as Assitant Director to Tony Award winner Zakes Mokae on a production of Master Harold … and the Boys, he stated, “This play, like any that strikes an emotional chord, is about relationships.”

Alfred Urhy’s iconic play, Driving Miss Daisy, addresses the acceptance of aging, and changes in the world around us. But it’s still about relationships—specifically between Hoke Colburn (Mervin Kenneth Alexander, Jr.) and Daisy Werthan (Joan Mullaney), the woman he’s hired to chauffeur after she’s demolished a new Packard, a garage, and a shed.

For Broadway in the Hood, director Torrey Russell deftly brought the script to life on a functional, yet beautifully designed and dressed set by Shannon Bradley. Russell dug deep into character, and it shows.