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"Bad Head" at the Sci Fi Center

The Sci Fi Center is scrubbing off those thespian shoes and presenting a new and improved theatrical show! The Midnight Fomato Society presents "BAD HEAD" Directed and Produced by John Tomasello.

Bad Head is a Sci-Fi extravaganza about doctors that just want to expriment on the human bodies. Themes include but not limited to Serum Z, Adreno Serum, Burlesque, Fighting, Action, Germans, insults, blasphemy, limbs, fomatoes, comedy, Science!!!! and much much more!

BUT what makes this show different from any other show? We provide the FOMATOES!!! Now what are "FOMATOES!!!" you ask? Back in old time theater when Shakespeare was still around theater goers would entertain themselves by going to these shows that thespians put on. In turn Vegetable and Fruit Sellers who have not been able to sell there product on time would park themselves outside the theater and sell their rotten and/or old fruits and veggies to these goers, Why you ask? Exactly what you're thinking about! They throw them at the actors! THAT'S RIGHT!!! We the Midnight Fomato Society are bringing back a old time theater tradition by selling you FOMATOES!!!! They are Tomatoes made of Foam!!! To throw at our well trained thespians while they entertain you in the best possible way. You heard me right!! THROW AT THE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES ON STAGE WHILE THEY PERFORM A SHOW FOR YOU!!!! AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION IS A MUST!!! You'll be asked to sound off during certain times of the show, pelt those fomatoes, and oooohh and ahhhs. SCIENCE!!!

EVERY FRIDAY from February 5th-March 25th

9:30pm Doors 10pm SHOWTIME $10 tickets

Arrive early!!!! LIMITED SEATING!!! Tickets can be purchased online and/or at the Sci-Fi Center We accept all credit cards and/or cash payments for tickets only Fomatoes will be sold before showtime!!!!


There is also a special event before every show but it's a SPECIAL FOMATO SECRET!!!! You'll just have to come and find out for yourself!!!

Thespians that will be entertaining you: Dr. Dick Dickinson played by Brian McGee Prof. Harry Dickinson played by Don Charette Jr. Dr. Thomas Raymond played by Richard Houle Felicia played by Olga Rios and Ivy Cerelle Floirendo Dr. Unt played by Kihapiilani Akui Mama Hog played by Brandy Lee Holly North/Sign Girl played by Ching Nga Lui (Kat Lui) Toni Marie played by Anita Bean Sande Sound Tech by Trisha Connolly

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