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Social Issues Theatre Launches Groundbreaking Program


Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program To Transform Dementia Care: For Caregivers By Caregivers


Social Issues Theatre proudly unveils the Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program, a pioneering initiative aimed at revolutionizing dementia care. By employing innovative techniques such as role reversal, this program empowers caregivers and cultivates stronger connections between caregivers and dementia patients.


Enable Me Theatre represents a paradigm shift in the approach to dementia care. It emphasizes role reversal as a means to empower both caregivers and patients. The program fosters mutual respect, dignity, and deeper relationships by encouraging caregivers to transition from care providers to care recipients.


In the United States, approximately 6.7 million individuals are living with Alzheimer's and various forms of dementia, placing immense pressure on caregivers who often experience significant stress and burnout. The Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program offers a groundbreaking solution to provide much-needed support and respite to these caregivers.

Marcia Norris and L.A. Walker

Utilizing the transformative power of theatre, the Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program incorporates interactive workshops, music and art therapy, and role-playing exercises to equip caregivers with invaluable insights and skills for their caregiving journey, whether they are providing care at home or in dementia communities.


"We are excited to collaborate with local organizations to introduce the Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program to communities nationwide," said L.A Walker, Co-Executive Director of Social Issues Theatre. "Together, we have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of caregivers and dementia patients, fostering compassion, understanding, and support."


The concept of Enable Me Theatre was inspired by Social Issues Theatre Directors Marcia Norris and L. A. following the production of their musical dramedy, "The Wonderful World of Was." The show, which portrays how a chosen family navigates an unexpected dementia journey, sparked numerous requests from audience members seeking guidance in navigating their caregiver duties. Drawing from their personal experiences—Norris's ongoing care for her mother and Walker's journey alongside her late spouse's battle with Lewy Body Dementia—they are committed to addressing the holistic needs of the dementia community. They understand the importance of caregivers finding ways to connect with their loved ones daily.


Social Issues Theatre has enlisted the expertise of Dr. Jason Flatt, Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Health at UNLV School of Public Health, to provide guidance on the program's development. With expertise in LGBTQ health, gerontology, Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, and caregiving, Dr. Flatt brings invaluable knowledge to the initiative.


The launch of the Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program marks a pivotal step forward in addressing the escalating challenge of dementia care. By harnessing the power of theatre, Social Issues Theatre aims to raise awareness, diminish stigma, and enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by dementia.


Caregivers and others wanting details can sign up for the Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program and Social Issues Theatre by emailing and visiting















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