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$2 Ten Minute Plays at First Friday

2 Dollar Ten Minutes,

First Friday

March 4th Starting at 7:30pm!

Polly and Sherman in the Garden

Directed by Donte Miller

and starring Meagan Moser and Leo Dominguez

"Songs About the Audience" / "Scene From a Rose"

Written, starring, and directed by Happy Hour Improv

The GET presents:

"JJJJ" by Philip Kotler

featuring Chip Nash and Philip Kotler


"Good Morning" by Adolph Green, Betty Comden, and Brenna Folger featuring Chip Nash, Kady Heard, and Kimberly Weller.

Directed by Brenna Folger

The Karpet King Suite

Dictated by not read by J'Mel R. Davidson

Directed by Sean Critchfield and Coral Benedetti

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