"The Locket" an original musical

Based off the novel, "The Locket" by Marcos Ornelas, the second production of this original musical is set during World War II France. It tells the story and struggles of people living in Paris during this turbulent time. During the summer of 1942, a horrific event happened, today known as the Vel'd'Hiv Roundup. On a night in July, 13,000 Jewish families were taken from their homes and placed in a stadium in the center of the city, the Velodrome d'Hiver. Of 13,000, only 300 survived. "The Locket" tells the lives of two parallel stories occurring during the Roundup. The first follows a Jewish family living in Paris. A sweeping score and powerful songbook help create an unforgettable environment on stage and a realism to the Shapiro family's emotions through such a shocking event in history. The second, is that of a 20 year old Catholic girl, Jacqueline, whose life is forever changed. Discovering a secret, her life quickly becomes a riddle as she unexpectedly finds herself entangled in love with a soldier wearing the iron cross. A keepsake weaves its way through each of the two stories, seamlessly transferred in unexpected ways, representing love in a time most feared. We invite you to experience the compe