HIR @ A Public Fit


By Taylor Mac

Directed by HIR

“HIR challenges you from the first moment and doesn’t let up,” said Jacob Coakley, executive director of the Valley Theatre Awards. “The production is jarring, funny and has a deep, deep compassion for everyone. I’m happy it’s Recommended.”

Discharged from the Marines under suspicious circumstances, Isaac comes home from the wars, only to find the life he remembers upended. Isaac’s father, who once ruled the family with an iron fist, has had a debilitating stroke; his younger sister, Maxine, is now his brother, Max; and their mother, Paige, is committed to revolution at any cost. Determined to be free of any responsibility toward her formerly abusive husband—or the home he created—Paige fervently believes she can lead the way to a "new world order." Hir, Taylor Mac’s subversive comedy, leaves many of our so-called normative and progressive ideas about gender, families, the middle class—and cleaning—in hilarious and ultimately tragic disarray. For more info and to buy tickets, visit www.cockroachtheatre.com.

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