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The Christians @ Cockroach Theatre Co.

What do you believe in? Relationships? Family? Your work? The Christians by Lucas Hnath questions the stability of those things you hold holy. A riveting theatrical experience regardless of your personal views of faith. It is neither secular nor religious. A play about good people struggling to connect to others within their faith while small differences in their theology drive a wedge between them. Backed by a live choir, THE CHRISTIANS is both epic and unexpectedly intimate. It is an unflinching examination of how the small differences can often create the greatest divides between people. "Whether or not you believe in God, you should believe in (playwright) Lucas Hnath." -the Guardian May 18 - June 4 Thursdays - Saturdays at 8pm (preshow music starts at 7:40) Sundays at 2pm (preshow music starts at 1:40)

Art Square Theatre

1025 S 1st St, # 110, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

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