EMAV Review: 'Potter plays' offer Majestic Wizardry @ Majestic Rep

★★★☆☆ - Satisfying

The thing about the growth in Summer theatre is that it continues to offer a terrific variety, from the absurd, which can be found in the yearly Fringe Festival, to big splashy musicals at The Ranch. But, each year the number of productions offered seems to grow almost exponentially.

Majestic Repertory Theatre is offering “The Potter Plays: Unauthorized Tales From the Wizard World,” a collection of short plays that qualify as fan fiction, all written by (I assume) locals. You don’t have to be a Harry Potter connoisseur to understand them, nor to enjoy them.

From the surprise end of the off-kilter “Harold Potter – Case #4017” by Bob Gratrix, to the odd “The Last Bean in the Box” by Evan Baughfman, through the silliness of “7/21/07” by Steven Korber, it’s rather a fun evening. Though I dare say each piece has a message, they aren’t presented in a heavy way. No. These are all comedies, meant to tickle.