EMAV Review: LVLT's 'Beehive,' a Billboard top ten

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

★★★☆☆ - Satisfying

Those oldies but goodies remind us of our youth. Well, some of us. But you don’t have to be a Baby Boomer to enjoy the production of “Beehive,” by Larry Gallagher, now running on the mainstage at Las Vegas Little Theatre.

“Beehive” is what is known as a ‘juke box’ musical; it’s filled with songs loosely connected thematically by a few lines of dialogue between each number. This one places its focus on the girl groups and female pop vocalists of the 60s. They’re all meant to be fun; an evening’s entertainment. Don’t look for deep characters or any type of message. Just sit back and enjoy.

As directed and choreographed by E. Wayne Worley, it’s a fast-paced show. He used a wonderful, colorful set from end to end, with few lulls in the action. Because this type of show is all about the vocals and the movement, this one pretty much hit the mark on the former and slightly missed on the latter.

Led with a great bit of panache in narration by Isabella Rooks, Jillian Austin, Malia Blunt, Evelyn Connors, Breonna Dobbs, Cherity Harchis, Nakaze Harris, and Kaci Machacyk are having a lot of fun and it shows. Moving into the audience to engage and encourage, these ladies all have the goods.