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Kid Sister @ Majestic Repertory Theatre is Valley Recommended


By Will Kern

Directed by Troy Heard

This thrilling Southern Gothic-noir gives a new spin on classic dime store crime novels.

REGIONAL PREMIERE! Demi, a strung out 19-year-old single mom and American Idol wannabe, believes only one thing stands between herself and singing superstardom—her stalker ex-boyfriend. To get this psycho out of her life forever, she elicits the aid of her brother Cassius, recently returned from a stretch in a Florida state prison. But ex-con Cassius wants more than she’s willing to give—custody of her newborn baby girl.

LOCATION: Majestic Repertory Thetre 1217 S. Main St. Next to Buffalo Exchange, South of Charleston Blvd


9/28 - 10/14

Thurs - Sat 8pm

Sun 5pm

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