EMAV Review: 'Kid Sister' a pulp thriller at Majestic Rep

★★★★☆ - Delicious

This thrilling Southern Gothic-noir is a new spin on classic dime store crime novels and wins a Delicious Four Stars in its regional premiere!

Demi Williams, a sexy 19-year-old single mom and 'American Idol' wannabe, believes only one thing stands between herself and singing superstardom — her stalker, ex-boyfriend, Kendall Fritch. To get this psycho out of her life forever, she elicits the aid of her brother Cassius, recently returned from a stretch in Florida's Gainesville Prison. But ex-con Cassius wants more than she's willing to give — custody of her newborn baby girl (nicknamed “Britney Fergie”). This pulp thriller tells the story of a deadly ambitious sister who stops at nothing on her quest for musical stardom as well as her kind-but-cunning brother's desperate shot at redemption.