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Party like the Ghost of Christmas Past, with Eat More Art Vegas!

Turn off the doom and gloom in the news, and turn on some holiday spirit! Eat More Art Vegas wants to celebrate opening night of Nevada Conservatory Theatre's A Christmas Carol with the greatest gift to local theatres - YOU, the audience!

Join us for this contemporary take on an old classic, that celebrates the love and kindness of diverse working families, and the hope of children that warms even Scrooge's heart. Wesley Mann (Murphy Brown, Back to the Future 2) adds his comic flare to a cast of local talents, including the music of some fabulous Mariachis. We want to thank you for what you mean to the Performing Arts community here in Las Vegas, and our post-show dessert reception is a fun way to do just that. But that's not all!

Check out this INCREDIBLE OFFER for tickets, at a price even Bob Cratchit can afford! Initiate your kids in this time honored tradition...A Christmas Carol is fun for the whole family.

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