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EMAV Review: Get ready for 'Company'

★★★★☆ - Delicious

Let’s just put this out there for full transparency: I’m a sucker for a musical, and doubly so for a Sondheim musical. There’s nobody like him – his lyrics move a story and character arc, and his music soars. No matter how simplistic it may sound through the vocal chords of a talented singer, there is nothing simplistic about it. It’s pure mastery, and it takes mastery to sing. Yet, great emotion can be delivered and still hit the notes. Couple that with a book by George Furth and you’ve got a Classic American Musical.

Sondheim and Furth revised their 1970 libretto in the 90s and, under the direction of Walter Niejadlik as part of the LVLT 40th season, the story of “Company” still holds up. Niejadlik has assembled a talented cast and it’s a fun show.

With the exception of a few missed notes here and there, these actors were up to the challenge. There are certain numbers in the show that will always stand out, and such is the situation with this production.

Amanda Collins, as Marta, delivers a stand-up rendition of “Another Hundred People.” Every ounce of wonder-mixed-with-disdain comes through in her interpretation, as she alternately expresses her love for the crowded, dirty city and sadness over people who don’t live up to the spirit of the metropolis.

“The Ladies Who Lunch” is another one of the great song