EMAV Review: Riveting 'Fences' built at NCT ★★★★½

★★★★½ - Delicious

Standing ovations are quite the thing these days, but the cast and crew of Fences more than earned their ovation at Nevada Conservatory Theatre with a high energy, emotionally draining performance of August Wilson’s (arguably) best play.

Harry Waters, Jr. paced the evening immaculately, and nurtured believable, co-dependent relationships that were truthful, conflicted, and frequently humorous. The title refers to barriers, of course, and the symbolic fence barrier is being physically completed in the homestead’s backyard. But the drama is all about people challenged by their own limitations; people at once being kept in place, and being shut out of opportunities by complex occurrences, often of their own doing.

The other powerful metaphor is the National Pastime. Mr. Wilson sets his story in 195