EMAV Spotlight: New music from Abigayle Rose

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Las Vegas is not just a place where musicians come to perform, it is the homeland of emerging artists who launch their careers in the opposite direction. Abigayle Rose began her journey at the Rainbow Company Youth Theatre under the nurturing eye of the late, great Kris Shepherd. Her training continued at the Las Vegas Academy where she studied classical and flamenco guitar techniques. A recipient of the Student Downbeat Award for “Best Jazz Vocalist,” Rose finds inspiration in genres from jazz to pop to folk and beyond. Her passion led her to Nashville where she studies at Belmont University’s Mike Curb College Songwriting program. Recently, she spoke with EMAV about her new song, "Good Morning America.":

EMAV: When did you start your journey with Music?

AR: I don’t remember life without music. My parents were both professional musicians before I was born, so my rights of passage in childhood included singing in the Clark County Children’s Choir, making family Christmas albums, and of course singing in Rainbow Company Youth Theater’s musicals. It seems that my life journey and my music journey share a lot of the same, favorite memories.

EMAV: When did you venture into songwriting and what was he first thing you wrote?

AR: I think the urge to write really set in when my history teacher at the Las Vegas Academy, Ms. Jensen, would let me write songs for class projects. I have one about the Manga Carta, another about Italian Nationalism. It was so fulfilling to put the words and music together, like a puzzle. I wanted to write more and more in my own voice.

EMAV: What sparked the writing of this song in particular?

AR: The day that we had two mass shootings within 12 hours of each other I was feeling so overwhelmed and upset about the state of things. That was a wake-up call for me that we need change. We need more love in this world for each other, for strangers, for ourselves. (Within the same week I went to see Marianne Williamson speak at a rally. She spoke about the power of people coming together in love.) I wanted to help deliver this message that love and taking care of each other is how we change the world. The best way for me to do that is through a song!

EMAV: Where can people follow you? Do you have any live performances planned or any special projects in the future?

AR: I have a website AbigayleRoseMusic.com or you can find my artist page on Facebook (AbigayleRoseMusic). I’m currently on the road back to Nashville to start my sophomore year at Belmont University, but I’ll be back in Las Vegas in December to perform new songs that I’ve written. So stay tuned!

We are lucky here in Las Vegas to say, "We knew her when..."!

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