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Get on Board with local arts with new Nevada Volunteers portal

Volunteer Connect and Board Connect offer statewide support for NV nonprofits.

There are lots of ways to help your community.

A game-changing tool for the Creative Economy and nonprofit advancement is here -- and it is FREE to all Nevadans!

Local arts do not grow on trees, especially in the Mojave desert. Our Creative Economy is powered by paid professionals, passionate volunteers, and community partnerships. While producers and presenters maintain a brave face as they celebrate reopening, the truth is our Creative Industries are on shaky ground. Arts and Culture are created by people for people, and now they are doing what they can to keep creating after a lot of exhaustion and loss from the pandemic. The arts and culture ecosystem needs everyone's help to #CreateOurRecovery, and thanks to Nevada Volunteers and AmeriCorps, it has never been easier for you to get involved through their Volunteer Connect and Board Connect online portals.

In addition to this new tool, Nevada Volunteers offers grants to nonprofits to establish and strengthen volunteer programs. Check them out here.