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Queen of Knives to premiere in Las Vegas June 18

Queen of Knives producer and star kicks off screening followed by in-person discussion.

By Debbie Hall

Independent filmmaker and producer Gene Pope will debut his romantic comedy Queen of Knives. After the screening, entertainment journalist Stacey Gualandi will moderate a chat with the audience and Gene, providing a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the process of bringing this feature film from script to screen. The film and discussion will be held at The Beverly Theater beginning at 7 p.m. on June. 18.


Queen of Knives, a unique and engaging film, follows the Benetto family scattered to the winds in Brooklyn, New York. As relationships keep shifting, there’s no predicting where they will end up. Generations try to adapt to a new world where risky behavior is the norm. Their paths eventually lead back to a fateful dinner at their former home, with surprise visitors and many unintended consequences. Secrets are revealed, and a final page is turned. The biggest question is: Who exactly are the adults here? A mix of sharp and witty dialogue, comedy, and drama makes this film a must-see for all film enthusiasts.

With a steadfast commitment to authenticity and a profound love for storytelling, Gene seeks to enchant audiences with his heartfelt narrative and dedication to the art of filmmaking. Gene’s journey mirrors those of legendary filmmakers who defied the odds to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Like trailblazers like Nia Vardalos, who crafted her breakout hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding out of necessity, Pope understands the importance of carving out his own path in cinema. His resilience and creative vision have propelled him forward, culminating in the creation of his latest cinematic gem.


The premise is that Frank is in crisis because of all the changes. His life has changed, and he is coping with cannabis and alcohol. He is on Tinder, but that's too casual. He wants to meet someone he really connects with, but it's proving hard to do. Then he meets Autumn in an interesting way.

As one thing leads to another, they go out on what they think is a non-date, but it turns into a date. He's smitten by how nice this person is, and it makes him feel younger.

“Those two qualities right there, it's definitely something that I went through when I was going through my own midlife issues, but different,” says Gene.


As for the title, it started with the prequel, King of Knives, released in 2020.


“It is an interesting story. We were working on King of Knives in terms of the script, we just had a working title. It was called The Rot, referring to the gunk that can accumulate in your system if you're going through a midlife crisis and doing things that maybe you shouldn't be messing with. That was just a working title. Then one day, one of her versions of the script came onto my desk, and it said, King of Knives.


“A tarot card was pulled, King of Swords, and the title changed it to King of Knives, which was a little more modern. The point was very simple. It was like sometimes in life; in the first movie, it was Frank, and in the second movie, it's more the females in the family,” he explained.

“Sometimes in life, if you're going through a midlife crisis, you may start to experiment a little bit more than you should with sharp options. So Frank in the first and the girls in the second are playing with too many knives, and something will happen. And that's where the title comes from.”


Lindsay Joy, a talented writer, penned the script for Queen of Knives, based on a story by Gene. The film was skillfully directed by Jon Delgado. The ensemble cast includes Golden Globe-nominated Mel Harris (Thirtysomething), Roxi Pope, Emily Bennet, Alexandra Renzo, and Robert Costanzo (Total Recall), all of whom bring their unique talents to the screen. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Golden Globe-nominated Mel Harris (Thirtysomething), Roxi Pope, Emily Bennet, Alexandra Renzo, and Robert Costanzo (Total Recall). Other cast members include Justin Sams, Tara Westwood, Barbara Tirrell, Neptune, Jay Russell, Carmen Lobue, Mollie Anne Lloyd, Arthur Langly, Zebedee Row, Robert Anthony Jones, Stephanie Rocio, and Christopher Laing. Gene, Jenn Gomez, and Joseph Stephans produced Queen of Knives.

Check out the trailer.


The free Las Vegas premiere will be followed by a discussion featuring Queen of Knives filmmaker, star and producer Gene Pope and entertainment journalist Stacey Gualandi starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18 at The Beverly Theater, 515 6th St. Click here for free tickets. Parking is available around the theater. For more info, visit Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

The film is available on several streaming platforms, including Apple+ and Amazon Prime. Click here to view all platforms.


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